S’mores Campfire Cocktail

S’mores Campfire Cocktail

Looking for the perfect blend of nostalgic childhood desserts and your favorite adult beverage? This s'mores cocktail is an absolute win for us! Marshmallows, chocolate syrup, graham crackers, baileys... need I say more? Magic in a glass that works for both summer and winter oddly enough, but hey, we aren't complaining. Cheers!


  • 2 oz vanilla vodka Regular vodka works too
  • 2 oz almond Milk or any preferred milk
  • 1 oz Irish cream liqueur Bailey's or Carolyn's
  • 1 tbsp hot chocolate powder or chocolate syrup
  • Garnish with crushed graham crackers, chocolate sauce, and marshmallows if you're feeling fancy

Optional (but strongly recommended):

  • eggnog
  • 1 oz espresso
  • 1 oz Kahlua


1. Crumble graham crackers on plate, rim glasses with chocolate syrup then dip the glass in the graham crackers.
2. toast marshmallows oven an open flam. Remember to be safe with an open flame!
3. Shake all other ingredients in a shaker with ice, pour over ice, garnish and serve!
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